Manage facilities and more

Handle all the details in one place

ScheduleFM™ meets your unique scheduling needs by providing flexible functionality to manage scheduling of facilities and other assets, indoors or out, stationary or mobile.

Three extensions to the base application allow for the management of all aspects of sports or other events on campus. ScheduleFM Athletics manages scheduling of sporting events, related facilities, and other required resources. ScheduleFM Ticketeer manages stadium seat ticketing. Graphics provides for dynamic, georeferenced presetations.

Use ScheduleFM's flexibility to manage incoming requests, book facilities, line up resources, post calendars, report on facility usage, and perform invoicing.

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Book space, people, resources and equipment

Put ScheduleFM to work for you

The versatility of ScheduleFM makes it useful to:

  • Facility administrators and managers
  • Athletic departments
  • Vehicle fleet managers
  • Security and risk management personnel
  • Maintenance and custodial staff
  • Auditorium and arts centers managers
If you’re challenged to book indoor or outdoor spaces, people, resources and equipment, put ScheduleFM's features and benefits to work for you.