Graphics Extension


ScheduleFM base provides for the display of static images to present room layouts, ball field complexes and parking lot configurations. The Graphics extension adds dynamic graphics that are database-driven. This provides for highlight-by and thematic displays, along with georeferenced placement of graphic elements over top of real-world maps and imagry.


Highlight-By Display

A presentation of soccer fields booked (or available) between 10am and 11am on a specified day, with the images rotated and scaled for viewing.. The display can also use different colors to represent variations in the underlying data, like field type.

Highlight Booked Soccer Fields

Geographic Referenced Graphics

ScheduleFM Graphics provides for georeferenced graphics displayed over Open Street Map. Graphics can start in AutoCAD with only a local coordinate reference, then be georeferenced for real-world association in ScheduleFM.

Georeferenced Graphics

Stadium Seat Availability

ScheduleFM's Ticketeer extension utilizes the Graphics extension to present a stadium view showing available seats for a specified game. Seat colors can be varied depending on the price of the seat.

Stadium Seat Highlights