Facility Scheduling Software

Capable of handling virtually any facility scheduling need, ScheduleFM makes facility management easier and more cost-effective for any organization that needs to book, calendar and optionally bill events.

Core features

ScheduleFM allows you to:

  • Manage incoming requests, check facility availability
  • Automatically detect potential conflicts
  • Manage pending and confirmed requests
  • Line up support resources for events
  • Send email notifications
System access and security
  • Access privileges based on login profile
  • Optional external customer access for requests and calendars
Invoicing and cost recovery
  • Automatic generation of contracts and invoices
  • Customer specific billing rates
  • Billing for related resources – custodial, security
  • Extensive reporting - facility use by hours or revenue
  • Space and asset tracking systems
  • Work order and preventative management
  • Athletics web and calendar sites
  • Web-based or in-house solution
  • Customizable and configurable
  • Highly scalable

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