Facility Scheduling Software

ScheduleFM™ is used by parks and recreation departments, private businesses, schools, universities and others across the country to schedule facilities, people, resources and equipment of all kinds.

Sample customers and applications:

  • A school district in North Carolina manages all of its facility scheduling for 176 schools
    using ScheduleFM, including an internal approval / denial process with the schools.

  • A large church in Texas has used ScheduleFM for more than eight years to manage all of the
    church’s event scheduling. These events include internal ministry activities, church school
    classes, weddings and funeral ceremonies.

  • A 6,000 seat football stadium in Texas uses ScheduleFM to book seats via a web site for
    both season ticket and individual game sales.

  • A state agency schedules vehicles to promote car pooling among four regional departments with
    ScheduleFM. Custom reports allow them to monitor mileage and petroleum savings.

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